Qigong for Parkinson’s Disease

Two studies have been done recently about the effects of Qigong/Tai Chi practice on Parkinson’s Patients.: “Impact of Tai Chi on motor and non-motor function meta-analysis” and “The Impact of Tai Chi and qigong mind-body exercises on motor and non-motor function and quality of life in Parkinson’s Patients.” Both were meta-analyses. Both referenced seven electronic databases. The first involved 325 patients; the second 735 patients. Both studies concluded that there is clear evidence that Qigong/Tai Chi can improve motor function, balance, walking ability and the ability to avoid falls. The first described the effect as “significant improvement.” The second also concluded that Qigong and Tai Chi can offset the effects of depression and can enhance the quality of life for Parkinson’s patients. Clearly, additional larger-scale studies are appropriate.