CALL FOR PAPERS & PRESENTATIONS - 2022 NQA Conference Research Panel



National Qigong Association

Featured Research Panel

Saturday, September 17, 2022

2:40 – 4:10 PM

Location: on zoom


Deadline for Paper Presentation Application:

 August 15, 2022


For more information visit the website at

About National Qigong Research and Education Committee

The Research and Education Committee is a subcommittee of the National Qigong Association.  The Research and Education Committee provides our membership relevant, current scientifically sound research that can assist them in the education of the public on the profound health benefits of Qigong and Medical Qigong in an easy to understand format.


Call for PAPERS and Presentations

General Information

 NQA Research and Education Committee invites papers and presentations involving research on qigong and tai chi practiced as qigong. We will be selecting a limited number of papers to be presented at our annual conference, and others to be featured in our research blog.

Submission policies & procedures

1.    The deadline is August 15,  2022. Presenters will be notified of acceptance by September 1, 2022. 

2.     Authors may apply by email - copying the Papers and Presentations Application below and submitting an abstract of the paper or presentation along with the application to [email protected].  If accepted, authors will be prompted to submit the full paper and/or presentation at a later date.

3.    In addition to the paper or presentation, authors will be asked to submit a digital photograph and a short biography of themselves.

4.    Authors retain copyright over all submitted material. 

5.   Submission must be entirely original. It may be under concurrent consideration elsewhere, and/or scheduled for presentation elsewhere. Authors may also present papers that are previously published for which they hold copyright, or drafts not yet ready for publication.  

6.   There are no fees for reviewing the paper. 

7.   Research Papers for presentation must have at least one author with an academic rank and affiliation. 

  • At least one of the authors must certify his/her intention to attend the panel to present if the presentation is accepted.  

  • Academic presentations are typically between 20 and 30 minutes long.

  • Conference registration is not required but presenters are encouraged to participate in the full conference (conference registration fees apply). 

  • If presenters wish to use a slide presentation, arrangements must be made in advance. 

.Review process

Applications are reviewed by the NQA Research and Education Committee. Papers not selected for presentation may be selected to be featured in our research blog.  

 Research and Education Committee, National Qigong Association,
PO Box 270065, St Paul, MN 5527.   
Email: [email protected]   
Phone: 262-370-5463

Questions?  Call Kathy Levac, Chair, or email [email protected]

Papers and Presentations Application

2022 NQA Research Panel 

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