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April QiTalk - Smile and Relax. The Neuroscience of a Smile With Tatiana Britvina
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Thursday, April 08, 2021, 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM EDT
Category: QiTalks


What is a SMILE? Recent studies show that we start to smile before birth. We know that a Smile is not just a facial expression. It is the external manifestation and indication of the state of our mind, including our emotional state. A good authentic smile is associated with joy, appreciation, love, happiness, empathy, mercifulness, sincere forgiveness, generosity, wonder, serenity, thankfulness, peacefulness, deep relaxation.  As positive feedback, these same experiences can be evoked in our mind by our own good sincere smile itself. Like a chain reaction, our smile and empathy can be disseminated by others.

Neuroscience investigations related to empathy, joy, Qigong state, meditation, wandering mind, and even to mirroring of good emotions by others are flourishing. The basics of “fight and flight” response and the role of sympathetic and parasympathetic systems in stress and relaxation are becoming the standard examples for the elucidation of Yin-Yang theory.

In this Qi Talks, Tatiana will touch on the research on the silent/unthinking mind and how it is associated with the Qigong state of stillness, echoing the Dao philosophy: “Be vacant and you will be full” (P.Goullart), or “Give the mind a complete rest... If you do that, then, someday, perhaps the mind will find its way back to the source of itself”(M. Rinaldini). 

When we smile and relax – we allow our natural defensive and self-healing mechanisms to operate effortlessly, with inherent intelligence and competence.

You could say that all good things in our life are related to a Smile! 

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Contact: Vicki Dello Joio