Damaris Jarboux

Senior Clinical Qigong Practitioner  / Level IV Senior Qigong Teacher

by Cari Shurman | January 2018 



Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing DAMARIS JARBOUX. Damaris is a recognized innovator and leader in the field of energy medicine and Qigong. As a teacher and clinical practitioner for 35 years, she has developed The Qigong Healing Program, a 4-year training in Medical Qigong, plus post-grad work and teaches many other public classes for self and family care. An R.N. for 50 years, she has worked extensively with Hospice and within the medical profession. She is Founder and Director of The Center Place (1986), and Co-Founder & Director of The Body-Energy Center (1989) in Boulder, Co. One of the eight founders of the National Qigong Association (NQA) in 1996, she holds their highest certifications, Senior Qigong Teacher and Senior Clinical Qigong Practitioner. She has a clinical practice with a community of healers at The Center Place.