Ted Cibik

NQA Professional Member 

Senior Qigong Teacher / Advanced Clinical Therapist

Interview by Cari Shurman | May 2019


TED CIBIK is a Senior QiGong teacher and Advanced Clinical Therapist in Medical QiGong as recognized by the NQA. He is a BOD member for the NQA and also chairs the Certification committee. Ted has lectured internationally and before the National Institutes of Health on QiGong and exercise science and is a founding member of the Annual Taoist Gathering in the United States. Ted teaches Inner Strength QiGong forged from Classical Chinese Medicine / Taoist roots at his clinic and retreat in Leechburg, PA. The Formless Taoist Foundation, a 501(C) 3, was formed to continue his linage of teaching from the combined appreciation of the Jade Purity sect and his experience in crossing over.