Cari Shurman: Peaceful, Chi-Full, Focused Kids

by Cari Shurman | December 10, 2020 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

In this difficult time we all need the wonderful energy of flowing chi. I invite kids to join me by saying:  “Let’s be an elephant!”  or “Let’s be a tree, or a whole forest of trees!”

Kids of all ages, 4-94 at least, feel better when they become the animals, playing in nature, relaxing, breathing, visualizing and smiling.

We will talk about how you can do Tai Chi Moves for Kids with all the kids you know.  I will tell you about the new program: Tai Chi Kids LIVE videos that can be used whenever you need a break.  And you will have the chance to purchase your own Tai Chi Moves for Kids digital links at a great reduction.

Cari Shurman headshot

CARI SHURMAN, having discovered the flowing movements of qigong in China in the 1990’s, realized the power of the energy and decided to learn everything she could about incorporating it into her life. It was several years later, when teaching qigong to adults at a wellness center she founded in Miami, that a psychologist approached her to teach the movements to children and adolescents struggling with learning challenges, including difficulty with focus, stress and autism.

Accepting the challenge led her to develop a program called Tai Chi for Kids®. She has introduced it to school systems all around the world through virtual workshops in Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Canada and other countries. She has worked closely with the New York City Public Schools for 20 years introducing the program to teachers and students at all grade levels. The response has been overwhelming. Kids love it. Teachers do, too. The learning atmosphere is improved. Student focus improves. She has also worked with public health departments in several cities including Miami and NYC.

She is now producing short videos of Tai Chi for Kids available on Facebook and Youtube for teachers and students to use during the pandemic. It feels so good to move, release tension and refocus to get back to work.

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