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April 2013 - Three Rivers/12 Steps: Qigong For Recovery

by Mark R Reinhart | April 2013 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

Three Rivers/12 Steps; Qigong For Recovery combines Chinese spiritual, medical, and movement practices with the 12 Step program in a unique approach to working with addiction and the addictive mindset. The program is for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of addiction, and has been taught to counselors, therapists, those in recovery, and people dealing with someone in recovery. The addictive mindset in no longer simply about drug and alcohol abuse and is more prevalent in today’s society than ever.

Mark R Reinhart has been a practitioner of the arts for over 50 years. He has extensive and ongoing training in all aspects of the Classical and Traditional Chinese health and healing arts. Mark is proficient in numerous styles and systems of Qigong and Taijiquan and is the founder and creator of The Path of Three Pure Rivers (San Qing He Dao) dedicated to the re-balancing and harmonization of the individual through education, cultivation, and self-empowerment.