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Conference Speakers

Chunyi Lin
Featured Speaker

Going Into The Emptiness With Qigong

The ancient Taoist perspective is that everything in our world comes from the Emptiness and will eventually go back to the Emptiness. Do you wonder what is it like in the Emptiness? How can we get there with Qigong practice? Or, why would Qigong practitioners want to get into the Emptiness?                
In this talk, Chunyi Lin will explain why the Emptiness is one of the significant destinations for Qigong practitioners to reset and recreate their Qi; empowering you to use Qigong to greatly enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.                

Daisy Lee
Featured Speaker

What's In A Name? The Living Stories Within Qigong Movements

Daisy will share a few of her favorite Qigong movements such as Showering Qi, Flying Phoenix, and the Kuan Yin Closing Movement. Qigong names are like pictograms that share a language of motion that has engaged people in healing themselves for thousands of years. Experience how these Qigong movements can inspire you to a more mindful and playful way of living and being.

Ken Cohen
Featured Speaker

Nurturing Life: From Ancient Shamanism to Modern Science

Yang Sheng “Nurturing Life” refers to the ancient Chinese quest for longevity and balance through qigong exercise, meditation and a healthy lifestyle. Ken Cohen will explore the shamanic roots and scientific branches of yang sheng, including an inspiring cross-cultural discussion of healing energy (qi) and the wealth of scientific evidence about how and why qigong works. There are indeed facets of qi that can be measured, but there are also aspects that are beyond the capacities of science and best understood by personal, silent practice.

Damaris Jarboux

Practical & Simple Qigong Healing for Self and Family

Damaris will speak on practical ways to bring Qigong into everyday living for individuals, parents and families. We will look at the basics of Centering and easy ways to engage with your own energy-body and that of children & teens who are particularly stressed in today's world. We will explore how to name some of the things we are experiencing today and why developing and continuing to refine an energetic perspective to life helps us to understand events, health and behavior, and thus create positive action.

Gary Giamboi

The Qigong of Balance

Gary will be teaching us a useful definition of balance and how to use the feeling of energy to balance the force of gravity acting upon our bodies. We will also learn what being in balance feels like and how to achieve it using the least amount of muscular strength possible.

Madeline Marchall

Breathing With The Trees: The Health Benefits of Walking Among Trees

The Health Benefits of Walking Among Trees is easy and fun. Connect with your own nature by spending time in nature. Whether it is a short walk, looking out the window at greenery or gazing upon indoor plants, nature heals. You will learn: the healing properties of various species; guided imagery for your walk; how to share energy and Qigong breathing with trees practice.

CJ Rhoads
Research Panel

Know the Evidence: Review of Reviews
Cancer, Pain, Neurological, Diabetes, Autism

Kevin Siddons
Research Panel

Know The Evidence: Review of Reviews
Psychological, Sleep, Pulmonary

Martha Fiddes
Research Panel

Know the Evidence: Review of Reviews
Balance and Falls, Bone Density, Cardiovascular, Older Adults, other.

Mark Johnson

Why Haven't You Discovered Your Innate Divinity Yet?

Learn how to get the most energy out of your breathing. Mark Johnson will teach a breathing technique that can be directed at your sabotaging self conscious, which for most people has been repressed.  When that is released and integration happens then you are free to be the person you were meant to be.

Vicki Dello Joio
Founder and Host of the popular National Qigong Association's free Monthly Interview program, Vicki will be holding Q&A discussions with the presenters and YOU after each workshop.