Our Committees

Committees are the heart of the NQA. Volunteers plan and organize national and regional conferences, create the monthly Newsletter, develop promotional material, edit documents, canvas for membership, oversee finance, maintain databases, help maintain the website, search for Board nominees, interpret by-laws, set ethics guidelines, and more.

Committees meet through teleconference on a regular basis, usually once a month. Members participate on a consensus basis. Everyone’s ideas and opinions count. You can make a difference. You can contribute to the NQA in countless ways. Help us create new opportunities for people to discover the benefits of Qigong.

Annual Conference Committee

Committee Chair: Ali Wolf
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone:  888-815-1893

The Annual Conference Committee’s job is to plan and execute the NQA’s Annual Conference each year. Our aim is to provide a professional conference that nourishes all who come, from the merely curious to seasoned practitioners and teachers, and which helps both the NQA and Qigong in America to grow.

To be a part of the Conference Committee we welcome members who:

  • have a passion and know-how to create, plan, delegate, and interview 
  • have a positive and supportive attitude along with the ability to give and receive constructive criticism
  • most importantly is the intent to work as a team
  • regular attendance at the meetings

Certification Committee

Committee Chair: Ted Cibik
Contact Email: [email protected]

The Certification Committee facilitates the process of Professional Member Certification as a benefit of membership in the National Qigong Association. This provides an opportunity to inform the public of the depth and scope of the significant experiences that have helped mold the specialized careers of our members. Though certification is internal to the NQA as there is presently no national standard, it is supported by the full faith of our membership organization and may act to enhance and highlight one’s professional standing. Please contact Ted if you are interested in this certification.

Regional Committee

Committee Chair: Open - Currently merged with Conference Committee
Contact Email:

The Regional Committee maintains the positive awareness of Qigong and the practice of Energetic Arts by encouraging local Qigong activity throughout the nation.

Ethics and Integrity Committee

Committee Chair: Open Position / Please contact Chris Bouguyon – [email protected]

Contact Email: [email protected]

Our Mission: The Ethics and Integrity Committee works to facilitate the resolution of ethical questions related to NQA membership and to serve as a resource for NQA members.

Our Policy: The NQA Bylaws, Code of Ethics and Integrity, and the Code of Due Process are the guiding documents for this committee. The Ethics and Integrity Committee will make recommendations, about ethical questions related to NQA membership, to the NQA Board of Directors. Final decisions will be made by the Board. All members of the NQA, as a condition of membership, pledge to uphold the NQA Code of Ethics and Integrity.

Finance Committee

Committee Chair: Open Position / Please contact Chris Bouguyon – [email protected]

Contact Email: [email protected]

Our Mission: The Finance Committee shall be concerned with, and make recommendations on, all matters involving the finances and financial procedures of the NQA, including envisioning ways to improve the financial position.

Information Technology Committee

Committee Chair: Chris Bouguyon
Contact Email: [email protected]
Vice Chair: Open
Contact Email:

Through the effective use of technology, the Information Technology Committee facilitates communication and data management amongst the NQA Board of Directors, NQA Committees, NQA Members and the general public.

Legislation Committee

Committee Chair: Tom Bowman
Contact Email: [email protected]

Vice Chair: Open
Contact Email: 

Our Mission: The purpose of the Legislative Committee is to maintain awareness of any legislative agendas related to Qigong, communicating these issues to our membership and providing a path of advocacy for our professional members.

Membership Committee

Committee Chair: Eric K. Imbody
Contact email: [email protected]

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to grow the NQA community by continually working to improve the value of membership.

  • Attend 3 meetings before deciding if this committee is a fit
  • Experience with webinar platforms or other IT applications
  • Interest in email communications for regional events and region specific programs
  • Assist in developing a welcome program
  • Experience and interest in Public Relations and Outreach
  • Passion for Qigong and willingness to participate in projects between meetings which may include (emailing messages, doing research, making calls etc)

Nominations and Elections Committee

Committee Chair: Karen Schlacter
Contact Email: [email protected]

Vice Chair: Open
Contact Email:

Nominations & Election Committee facilitates the recruitment, election and integration of new members onto the Board of Directors and the Executive Team to the management of a fair, impartial and transparent election process.

  • Computer skills and ability to learn the software programs utilized in our nominations and election process.
  • Email, phone, writing, general communication skills & willingness to work with the Nominations Committee Team to research and vet prospective Board Members
  • Willingness and time to make a minimum of one year commitment to the position, preferably longer
  • Attention to detail and deadlines
  • Enthusiasm for group work
  • It will be helpful for successful applicants to also have:
  • Previous committee or board experience with a non-profit organization
  • At least a year (preferably longer) involvement with the National Qigong Association
  • Experience attending at least one conference.

Outreach Committee

Committee Chair: Open

Contact Email: [email protected]

Our Mission: To create, nourish, and develop relationships with organizations for the purpose of expanding the awareness of Qigong and the NQA

Open Position / If Interested please contact – [email protected]

Publications Committee

Committee Chair: Lori Furbush
Contact Email: [email protected]

The Publications Committee primary function is to monitor information and publications that originate from the NQA. We invite people to join our committee who have interest and experience in:

  • Editorial
  • Graphics and design layout skills
  • Experience with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop software

Research and Education Committee

Committee Chair: Kathy Levac
Contact Email: [email protected]

The Research and Education Committee provides our membership relevant, current scientifically sound research that can assist them in the education of the public on the profound health benefits of Qigong and Medical Qigong in an easy to understand format. Additionally, we provide our membership an opportunity for participation in Qigong research.

Consistent attendance at monthly meetings and follow through on participation in committee project work.

            Participants should have one or more of the following:

  • Expertise in conducting research, reviewing research, or in application of research findings into practice
  • Interest in making qigong research results understandable to NQA members and the public
  • Interest in education the public on the benefits of qigong ( with an emphasis on improved conditions validated by research


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