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our Newest Event!

Syner-Qi is our new monthly event where we will explore a Qigong practice together. Each month will feature an NQA Professional member who will guide participants through a Qigong practice and/or meditations.

Whether you're a novice or seasoned practitioner, Syner-Qi offers something to suit every level. This event is perfect for newcomers eager to sample different techniques and for seasoned practitioners seeking fresh perspectives. Moreover, participants can integrate elements from each session into their personal practice.

Qigong Practice (40 minutes)

This event will be led by a Professional member of the NQA. Each month will feature a different professional. This will be a great opportunity to practice a different Qigong style and see what other members are teaching all around the country.

Q & A (15-20 minutes)

After our practice we will spend about 10 minutes for questions and answers to make sure our participants have a good understanding of the practice.

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Join us the Sunday after Qi Talks at 3 PM EST.
Members: Free
Non-Members: $25
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Next Event

Host: Jennifer Eash
‍Guest: Paras Kaul
May 12 3 PM - 4:30 PM EST

Breathing Into Organ Cleansing Qigong

Organ Cleansing Qigong involves seeing the body as an electrical system and parent for multiple organ systems. The practice develops a deep sense of awareness of the body inside and out by deepening interoceptive awareness to monitor and analyze the energetic condition of vital organs in the body. The 14 movements of the sequence are designed to strengthen and rejuvenate energy fields surrounding each of the organ systems. Energizing the organ systems collectively energizes a bio-field surrounding the external body. Deep abdominal breathing and synchronization of the breath with each movement brings Oxygen into the bloodstream and through the meridians.  The coherent interaction of subatomic protons,electrons, and neutrons produces electrical charges in the Oxygen atoms that activate Qi. Vibratory frequencies produced by the Qi resonate with organ cells to revitalize energy fields that surround each organ bringing the body into a heightened state of balance. Additionally, the sequence of movements includes twisting, shifting, stretching, waist bending, knee bending,and arm raising, all of which provide a gentle workout for the physical body.The sequence can take 10 minutes to do, or the movements can be slower when longer time is available for practice. Either way you do it, there is an increased feeling of flexibility accompanied by an energy boost that will carry you throughout the day.