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our Newest Event!

Syner-Qi is our new monthly event where we will explore a Qigong practice together. Each month will feature a different Qigong teacher leading us through a meditation and/or practice. Think of this event as a smorgasbord of different Qigong styles for you to experience.

Syner-Qi is a great benefit for people who are new to Qigong because they get to sample a different practice they may like to learn more about. It's also great for more experienced practitioners because they will get to see the different ways in which Qigong is taught by a variety of teachers.

Qigong Practice (30-40 minutes)

This event will be led by a Professional member of the NQA. Each month will feature a different professional. This will be a great opportunity to practice a different Qigong style and see what other members are teaching all around the country.

Q & A (10-15 minutes)

After our practice we will spend about 10 minutes for Questions and Answers to make sure our participants have an understanding of the particular practice. At this point you may leave if you don't want to participate in community time.

Community Time (15 minutes)

We will use Zoom to divide into breakout rooms. Within the breakout rooms we will have a chance to share our thoughts about the Qigong practice we did.

Join Us

Join us the second Sunday of the month at 3 PM EST.
Members: Free
Non-Members: $25
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Next Event

December 17, 2023
3 PM - 4 PM EST

GUEST: Mark R. Reinhart

Join Mark R Reinhart as he shares his Immunity Stimulation/Maintenance Routine with our community.  The routine opens with Centering Breaths, followed by activation of the acupuncture channels via tapping and slapping.The set continues with generating, expanding and circling energy through the four limbs. After coursing the energy, the set continues with energizing the muscles and tendons via stretching, tension/release, and spiraling movements. Closing with Centering Breaths, this routine serves as a wonderful immunity(wei qi) boost on all three levels: Jing - Qi - Shen. All components of this 20 minute routine will be taught followed by a complete run-through. Ideal for practitioners at any level of proficiency. Questions and discussion welcomed as always.

Free Event for Members
$25 for Non-members