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"My NQA Membership has meant the world to me and opened up so many doors to new relationships, experiences, and personal wellness. So glad I joined!"  Gina K., Arizona - General Member

Join thousands of like-minded souls nationwide living, practicing, and teaching the Qigong lifestyle. This is your community.

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Massage Magazine Insurance Plus

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$25 off NAMASTA Associate Membership and $45 off NAMASTA Professional Membership

Qi Journal

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Qigong Apparel

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10% discount of retail price for non-business members. 15% off wholesale price for business members.

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NQA Code of Ethics

The National Qigong Association (NQA) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping everyone live a full, productive and enjoyable life for as long as possible. The NQA is always expanding its role as the leading resource for all things related to Qigong.

It is continually offering more national, regional and local conferences and events; as well as, expanding its educational offerings for both Qigong professionals and general practitioners on its website and in all media.

We support and encourage dialogue with all individuals and organizations which share the same goals enabling physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness for all.

Our mission and commitment to the world is to:

  • Always act with complete honesty and integrity, deep respect and genuine concern for all individuals, their communities and the world.
  • Nurture, support, promote and disseminate the ancient Chinese system for Wellness known as Qigong through public education and scientific research.
  • Make the benefits of practicing Qigong available to everyone by offering the world an accessible, caring community of practitioners and instructors.
  • Help all other accepted systems of non-invasive, holistic wellness modalities promote their own unique benefits through mutual cooperation with them.

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