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Qi Training

Are you feeling stressed?

Stress is a normal psychological and physical reaction to the demands of life.  It is a natural response to possible threats to our safety, security or well being.  It is designed to come into our being, do its job (often to protect) and then leave.

When stress is allowed to stay it begins to accumulate. As that happens, we adapt to the higher levels of stress and accept them as our "new normal".  This imbalance changes our body chemistry, mental acuity, emotional harmony and energetic alchemy. We begin to descend into ill health or "dis-ease".

The National Qigong Association is proud to announce our next Qi Training workshop, "Nurturing Resilience in a Stressful World" with Chris Bouguyon MMQ-CP. Chris will be teaching us how to develop resiliency in times of stress.  Resilience is often thought of as “bouncing back” but what if we turn that thinking a bit and “bounced forward” instead?

We know Qigong is a powerful tool for training the heart, mind and body but how does 5 Element Theory fit in? Chris Bouguyon has dedicated his life to helping people develop resilience in the face of adversity, life challenges and traumatic experiences. His use of the 5 Element Theory as a metaphor for the human condition offers a unique way of understanding ourselves and how to heal.

Based on decades of behavioral health and trauma recovery work, Chris’ interactive presentations are sure to stimulate your mental, emotional and physical being. Join us for a blend of case study based lectures, open discussion Q&A sessions coupled with simple, practical Qigong techniques proven to de-escalate the central nervous system and invite powerful perspective shifting awareness into your own stagnation.

You Can Expect To:

  • Learn about the 5 Element Theory from a mental health perspective
  • Discover the neuroscience behind stress
  • Engage in interactive discussion with real world examples of the 5 Element Theory within a mental health model
  • Learn how Qigong plays into stress relief
  • Practice basic breathwork like Abdominal Breathing, Open / Close Practice, and Finger Tip Practice
  • Learn the completed set of Golden Ball Qigong Training
6 August, 2023

Member Pricing: $49
Non-Member Pricing: $79
A recording will be available to download for all event registrants
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If you would like a preview of this Qi Training, please check out Chris' Qi Talk episode here.

To view the 5 Element Reference chart that we will be using in this workshop, click here.