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Qi Training

The NQA is proud to announce our newest online Qi Training workshop, 'Nature's Harmony,' scheduled for Saturday, February 17 at 12-3 PM Eastern. Join us as Dr. Ted Cibik guides us in grounding and drawing Qi from the Earth, absorbing energy from the moon and celestial bodies, and exploring the symbolism and energies of the animals that coexist with us on our planet. This workshop promises an enriching experience in understanding nature's profound influences on our lives.

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Part 1: Totemic Energies of the Wild and Domestic

During the initial hour of the workshop, participants engage in guided discussions focusing on Taoist principles concerning the energetic significance attributed to the four cardinal directions. The session involves an exploration of these principles through interactive discussions, aiming to deepen understanding and interpretation. Topics include the symbolic representations and energetic connotations linked with wild and domestic creatures like dogs, cats, rabbits, deer, bears, foxes, and groundhogs. These discussions set the groundwork for further reflection and contemplation on the broader themes of totemic energies and their connection to both the untamed and domestic realms.

Part 2: Sipping Moon Cream and Celestial Harmony

During the second hour of the workshop, participants delve into the celestial realm's relationship with Taoist philosophy. This segment introduces a simplified yet refined adaptation of the ancient practice known as "sipping the moon cream," focusing on its symbolic and meditative importance. Guided meditation sessions centered around the moon, stars, sun, and celestial energies are conducted to help participants attune themselves to the harmonious aspects of the heavens. These sessions aim to facilitate a deeper connection with celestial elements and their philosophical significance within Taoism.

Part 3: Obtaining Qi Through the Earth

In the third hour of the workshop, participants focus on the grounding elements of Taoism by establishing a connection with the energies of the Earth. This involves exploring practices aimed at attaining Qi from the Earth, promoting rootedness and balance. The session culminates with guided meditations designed to enable participants to absorb and channel the Earth's essential energy. The conclusion involves an expression of gratitude for the collective exploration of Nature's Harmony, emphasizing the interconnectedness and appreciation of natural energies.

About Ted

Ted Cibik, has been introduced to audiences as the “Renaissance Man”, Sifu, doctor, healer, researcher, and Taoist priest for his diverse studies and trainiing in science, healing, spirituality, and martial arts. Having ones last rites performed twice before the age of twelve and pronounced "Dead" , gives one a very unique perspective on life and destiny, what healing truly is, and the hierarchy of important issues in life. Dr. Cibik, has spoken to thousands of people about how to truly heal the root of all illness addressed in what he calls the triune nature of mankind – the mental, physical and spiritual interplay of being sentient. His unique journey of surviving cancer and terminal asthma through self-discipline, education and study is truly inspiring.

Specialties: Chinese Medicine, Mind Science, Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Trauma, Complimentary Cancer options, Breathing disorders, Auto-immune disorders.

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Can't make the workshop?  No worries. All registrants will receive a recording of this workshop.