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Qi Training



Qi Training

Qi Training is a virtual workshop designed to be experiential.  You can expect to get up and move, practice meditation and visualization, and interact with fellow students.

Tree Gong

Madeline Marchell will be leading us  into a deeper connection with nature. We will learn how our energy interacts with trees and how we can use that interaction to promote health and well-being in ourselves.

We will be learning Tree Gong breathing methods and movements to share with the trees including:

  • Wuji Merge (stillness and internal movements)
  • Dual Healing Breath
  • Lo Qi Fa
  • Standing with the Tree
  • Microcosmic Orbit
  • Dan Tien Connection (circadian rhythm-photosynthesis)
  • Sword Fingers
  • Seasonal Qi Exchange (Yin / Yang cycle of nature)
23 April, 2023
Noon EST - 3 PM EST

Member Pricing: $49
Non-Member Pricing: $69
A recording and free eBook will be available for all event registrants!
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