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December 2013 - Demystifying Qigong For The Western Mind

by Chris Bouguyon | December 2013 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

With concepts and training principles dating back over 4500 years, Qigong can seem confusing and somewhat esoteric to the average person. With a growing interest in Qigong from the western community, developing the ability to convert ancient principles into modern perspectives is vital to the continued evolution of our beloved healing arts. Join Chris Bouguyon, founder of SimplyAware for a frank, open discussion based on his experience in delivering successful Qigong programs in Mental Health Hospitals, Assisted Living Communities, Beginner to Advanced Memory Care Communities and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Lets share perspectives on what it takes to introduce and deliver successful Qigong programs out in the community’s we serve.

Chris Bouguyon began training in martial arts in 1978. His Tai Chi and Qigong training began in 1991 and continues to be cultivated under the tutelage and mentorship of western and eastern medical professionals in the fields of mental health, physical therapy, neurology, rheumatology and oriental medicine. Chris and his wife Fayne launched SimplyAware in January of 2002 with a desire to serve others and share the tools they have cultivated over the course of their personal and professional training path. SimplyAware serves the greater Dallas community with over 35 classes each week in:

Yang and Sun Style Tai Chi
Principle Based Qigong Training
Smiling Heart Qigong (A Therapeutic Independent and Assisted Living Community program)
Training Mindfully with Qigong Principles Program (A Therapeutic Qigong program developed for at risk communities such as Veterans and Mental Health patients.)
Life Coaching