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May 2014 - Com-Passion! Lighting Your Soul's Fire With Qigong

by Christina Barea-Young | May 2014 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

We all know that part of the essence of qigong is letting go. Through our practice we learn how to undo stress, tension and unhealthy habits. But what happens on the other side of release? Do we stay “empty”, simply drifting in the void? Does the idea of wu wei (non-action) leave us like wet spaghetti’s in a bowl? Perhaps, what lies on the other side of letting go is actually the discovery of one’s internal fire. A thriving sensation of joy for life and living the fullest expression of one’s passion.Join us for a dialogue on the importance of finding one’s own passion for life. When we go through the learning process of qigong, we let go of previous, possibly “imposed” mental constructs which weigh us down and limit our souls expression. However, the action of filling is as important as the process of letting go. When we empty our vessel of external impositions and instead replace them with our values/definitions, our soul sings with passion. This simple process is repeated over and over in many areas of our lives, physical, emotional and mental/spiritual. When we find our own way, we live passionately; and passion allows us to live fully. The combination of both, prolongs life and eliminates dis-ease.

Christina Barea-Young is a believer in the potential of the human spirit and the beautiful things that can happen in this world when we all live our passion. She assists others in discovering their own souls’ passion through several means: as a qigong instructor, a Medical Qigong Therapist and as a Daoist Priest of the Zheng Yi and Quan Zhen lineages. She is the author of award winning Qigong Illustrated, translator of Daoist Scripture, has served on the Board of Directors of the National Qigong Association, and as Editor in Chief of Yang Sheng Magazine. She is the Founder/Head Instructor of her school, The Rising Lotus Qigong, which now has its own cable TV show- Qigong on AIBTV, currently running its second season. Find out more at: