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July 2014 - Look at Me, I Can Do Tai Chi

by Cari Shurman | July 2014 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

The Tai Chi Moves program I have developed for schools is a simplified form of Qigong. Students and teachers love it. The atmosphere of the classroom changes. Everyone wants to do more. The results are better focus and concentration, more cooperation and compassion, a sense of pride and belief in oneself, inner peace and relaxation. We should all do. It doesn’t matter your age!

Cari Shurman is a graduate of the U. of Michigan (BA) and Johns Hopkins University (MAT), has taught for over 30 years in 6 countries. Each experience was a new inspiration for her. Observing high school students in Shenzhen, China do Tai Chi movement in 1991 led her to study Tai Chi and to use it with her own students in the US. Her CD’s and DVDs of simplified Tai Chi Moves© facilitate the training workshops she offers. In a short time, a teacher can learn to incorporate tai chi in the classroom. She has worked with schools in NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, South Africa, Brazil and other cities, training teachers to use Tai Chi in their classes. She has done TV shows in Miami and NYC. Shurman co-founded and directed WITHIN Wellness Center in Miami, FL, 1998-2005.

Her dream is to give children everywhere the opportunity to experience inner peace, focus, and relaxation. Tai Chi enables students to improve their physical health, balance, flexibility and muscle tone as well as improve their self-control, concentration, compassion and self-esteem. Her workshops include information on the scientific side of Tai Chi and its benefits, studies showing the positive effects of Tai Chi on children and adults, as well as demonstrations of how to do it. To broaden the reach of her simplified Tai Chi Moves for Kids program, her latest DVD is in both Spanish and English. After a Tai Chi session, when asked to describe how they feel, students will use words such as: happy, relaxed, strong, alert, no more stomach ache or head ache, focused, not so hungry, like a tree with roots, wanting to do more, content. For more information please check the website: