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October 2014 - Centering: The Fundamental Qigong (And Your Life)

by Annie Roberts | October 2014 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

Annie will talk about the importance of Centering before beginning your Qigong form. Centering, or going into the Qigong State, is a continually evolving practice of learning how to quiet your personal mind and connect with your core self, the I Am or Dao. This allows you to move from a place of peace, connection and balance at all times and in all areas of your life.

Annie Roberts has had a private Qigong Healing practice since 1995 and has been a professional member of the NQA since 1998. She has been certified as Level III Advanced Instructor and Clinical Practitioner by the NQA since 2007. She has served on the NQA Board of Directors for 6 years-her last two years as Chairman of the Board. She currently is serving on the NQA’s Advisory Council. Her primary teacher and mentor is Damaris Jarboux and she teaches with Damaris at The Center Place in Boulder, Colorado. In what seems like a previous life she earned her Doctorate degree in Optometry and practiced that profession for 10 years before discovering Qigong.