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December 2014 - Energetic Psychology: The Five Phases and You!

by Mark R Reinhart | December 2014 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joi

There has always been a fascination for most people about discovering what the future has in store, or gaining a deeper understanding of themselves as they travel their path. Join us for an evening of insight and fun as we explore the world of Four Pillar/Eight Character Chinese Astrology. Mark will be doing a live reading for one lucky caller during the call so don’t miss your chance. Who knows, it might be your night! Rooted in the Chinese Culture for centuries, this tool determines your Five Phase profile using your birth data. Much more than a simple astrological reading, this information can act as a diagnostic tool to help understand many different aspects of a person’s makeup: emotional tendencies, personality traits, potential areas where disharmony and disease may originate, and, above all, specific tools that can be used to re-balance and maintain a person’s landscape; a kind of personal Feng Shui!

Mark R Reinhart has been actively involved in the arts for over fifty-five years, beginning at age five with the musical arts; performing and teaching since age fourteen; working throughout the country with numerous bands and in numerous musical styles and genres. He is an alumni of Berklee College of Music, Boston MA.

His artistic development expanded into the Eastern Arts in the late 1960’s when he began his study of Eastern philosophy, expanding into both Korean and Japanese styles of external martial arts and several systems of yoga.
Mark then began to explore the energetic/healing aspects of the arts which lead to his intensive pursuit of health and healing practices. He is a trained Neuromuscular Therapist (St. John Method) and holds his Level III Master/Teacher Degree in Reiki.
His extensive and ongoing training in the Classical and Traditional Chinese healing, philosophical and martial arts include:

Masters Degree in Medical Qigong
Numerous styles and systems of Taijiquan and Qigong
Certified instructor for Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi For Health® Programs
Extensive study in Chinese Herbal Medicine (Tai Ping – Royal Academy tradition – Institute of Chinese Herbology)
Chinese Dietary, Essential Oil and Stone medicines
Student in the Jade Purity Tradition of Daoism
Numerous Spiritual, Meditative and Contemplative practices
Author of Tune Up… You’re on in Ten Minutes (2004),
Mark is the founder and creator of San Qing He Dao (三清河道)The Path of Three Pure Rivers a system dedicated to re-balancing through education, cultivation and self-empowerment.

Reinhart works with Addiction and Addictive Disorders via his program: Three Rivers/12 Steps: Qigong For Recovery which combines Chinese medical, movement, and spiritual principles with the 12 Step Program.

Mark teaches and lectures extensively throughout the country, presenting seminars and workshops on the Chinese Arts. He has served on the NQA Board of Directors since 2008 and is currently completing his second term as NQA President.