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March 2015 - Inclusive Exercises for People with Dementia: Developmental Disabilities and Cognitive Impairment

March 2015 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

With the “Aging of America”, seniors 80 years and over, frail elderly, and people with dementia are the fasting growing populations in USA. Seniors and adults with disabilities benefit greatly from simple qigong exercises. Outcomes include not only improved physical benefits (such as flexibility, ROM, strength, mobility), and mental and emotional benefits (release stress, calm the mind), but we can use of qigong as for senior wellness and as a healthy coping strategy. Simple qigong movements can be adapted for people with cognitive or physical impairments. Everyone can benefit – anti-aging benefits to facilitate healing of chronic illness (bringing the body back into balance so it can heal itself). Join us to hear real life stories of the positive effects qigong can have for people with special needs.

Kathy Levac is a respected author and national speaker on health issues with over 25 years experience in healthcare. She led initiatives in prevention and to improve health in 30 diseases. She has implemented Integrative Health wellness programs across the senior care continuum and with the cognitively impaired for over ten years. She has done research in using tai chi qigong with seniors to reduce perceived stress levels, control high blood pressure, and facilitate weight loss. She is a certified medical qigong therapist and a certified qigong and tai chi easy instructor.