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July 2015 - NQA Panel Discussion: Then and Now

The NQA is quite unique in that it is not ‘owned’ by any one teacher but rather right from the start the founders always envisioned the NQA as a ‘Big Tent’ organization — that is to say, it has always accepted and honored all teachers and all traditions. This decision was quite intentional on the part of its very visionary founders. We’ll be discussing the origins of the organization, where we stand now and our vision for the years ahead. We will also be opening the lines for you to connect directly with panelists. Come be part of this special event celebrating 20 years of creating qi-filled community- Bring your questions, observations, suggestions and more.

Linda Close: Board of Directors Vice-President, Deputy ChairRoger Jahnke: NQA FounderDamaris Jarboux: NQA FounderMark Johnson: NQA FounderShoshanna Katzman: Past NQA PresidentMark R. Reinhart: Past NQA PresidentAnnie Roberts: Past NQA Chair(Surprise Appearance: James MacRItchie)Moderator: Vicki Dello Joio