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December 2015 - Qigong for Psychic Development

December 2015 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

The foundational elements of Qigong are also the foundational elements required in natural (rather than forced) psychic and mediumship development. I originally found Qigong as a way to explain some of the psychic experiences I was having, but the practices also enhanced my psychic ability very quickly. And then the unexpected happened--mediumship, or trans-dimensional communication with the recently departed, which expanded yet again into other trans-dimensional communications resulting in teachings I share in my workshops and retreats. Without the rooting practices found in Qigong, I don't believe I would have achieved higher level communication, because like a tree, the roots must grow deep if the tree is to grow stably taller. That's the key--to be stable at higher levels of communication so any information coming in is beneficial to our personal growth. 'Qi deviations' explained why certain psychic development practices are non-beneficial and can create what could be called clair-delusionals--people who channel information from the mental realms, rather than trans-dimensional communication. I will discuss psychic and mediumship development, and how qi-deviations can happen in psychic development, and how to avoid this.

Ellie Drew, M.S., is President/Co-Founder of the non-profit Institute for Conscious Change, author, international speaker, production manager/film producer for ICC educational materials, and Co-Founder and Honorary Lifetime Member of the National Qigong Association. Ellie is known as "the practical mystic" for her ability to distill a lifetime of unique mystical experiences into transformational teachings accessible to anyone to enhance their spiritual journey.