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February 2016 - Everyday Qi for Everyday People Qi Practice: The Pole and the Field

February 2016 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

Working and practicing with “the pole” and “the field” is one component of the many teachings and experiences with Qigong. Qigong fundamentally starts with centering or the three adjustments. From here, we establish our pole connection to heaven and earth. Our pole is an extension of our central or thrusting channel which runs directly in front of our spine. We simply use our intent to extend that channel down to the earth from our root chakra and up to heaven from our crown.

Why is it important to do this? Because when we make a conscious choice to align ourselves with heaven and earth, we choose a balanced, inclusive state and acknowledging our spirit nature and our earthly nature. Once this is learned, it is easy to connect our pole to assist us in any given situation. Establishing our pole takes a matter of moments—the simpler the practice, the easier it is to include in our daily routine.

Imagine tapping into a much bigger source of information than just what we have in our everyday minds. Described as information or light, the Qi field, a phrase coined by Dr. Pang, originator of Zhineng Qigong, supports us in many ways—from our own Qi practice to how we might be in a family gathering or business meeting. Linda will discuss how to set this Qi field. Once learned this can be done in a matter of moments.

Learning to connect ourselves to earth and heaven and organize a Qi Field, supports us to experience the many options of how we view our life in any moment. I’ve used this training for a multitude of life events including dental appointments, family gatherings, business meetings, and daily in my qi practice.

Linda Close, an RN since 1980, has had 15 years of hospital work including Neonatal Practitioner / Management and is certified in Holistic Nursing. She started her Qigong Training in 1994 and currently offers seasonal trainings in Qigong & Personal Sessions in Qigong Healing. She says, “I have witnessed, over my 20+ years of Qigong training and practice, beautiful results for many people, including my family and myself. As I was searching for “a better way” for health care in the early 90s, I came across Qigong through my Holistic Nursing Group. My first experience was dynamic and dramatic. Qigong is the “magic” I’ve stuck with through the years. I love that it is all-inclusive and brings awareness to all of life. That’s my favorite part of Qigong. I can use it anytime, anywhere and feel the results. It connects me to my spiritual nature quickly along with my physical body. I can share something in two minutes that will help     someone with his or her current challenge.”