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March 2016 - Honoring the Elders - Offering Seniors Qigong

March 2016 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

Many seniors need realistic movement options for wellness. Numerous benefits of Qigong are tailor-made for some of the most important health needs of older people, such as improved flexibility, better balance, increased pain and strength management, and improved lung function. Qigong practice is also a method of finding a greater sense of physical and emotional grace, self-nurturing, and self-acceptance.

Eric would like to share some thoughts and insights about his Qigong work with seniors. Specifically he will discuss suggestions for developing and improving class instruction. He has taught Qigong with elder adults for over 18 years. His students include healthy active seniors and those with impairments, such as stroke disabilities, poor balance, joint dysfunctions, chronic pain, COPD, Parkinson’s Disease, and cognitive decline. Listeners may request a free copy of his Elements of Effective Seniors Qigong handout.

Eric Imbody has taught more than 8000 Qigong class sessions in the last nineteen years. Of that total, over his entire teaching career, he has taught over 4500 classes with seniors living independently and in assisted settings. He trained for twelve years with internationally known Qigong Master Ken Cohen. His other teachers include Master Yun Xiang Tseng, Madame Gao Fu, and Master Yuanming Zhang. Eric has served two terms on the NQA Board of Directors, and has been the Chair of the NQA Membership Committee for eight years. Eric enjoys teaching his students to excel in the forms themselves, and to utilize Tai Chi Qigong wisdom in all that they do. He has taught in health clubs, various colleges, senior programs, employee wellness programs, mental health clinics, complimentary medicine clinics, dance studios, and privately. Eric was selected as 2015 Teacher of the Year at the Kavod Academy of Lifelong Learning, where he has been teaching seniors for 15 years. He teaches locally and nationally as well. Eric also has been a psychotherapist for 33 years, and a trauma consultant for 20 years. He currently works as a wellness educator and life coach.