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May 2016 - Three Dantians; Chong Vessel & Vagus Nerve; Post-Natal Qi & Gut/Enteric Nervous System

May 2016 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

Ancient wisdom meets modern science. Just by changing the words, we can have a whole new meaning to what the ancients were saying in Chinese medicine about the root of all healing. Exploring the Vagus nerve or the Chong Vessel, we will begin to paint a picture rich in the latest research into the gut microbiome and the overall health of the immune system and the energetics of emotion on physical health. Learn how and where inflammation starts in the body and what we can do about it to age gracefully.

Ted Cibik has been passionate about Chinese medicine, meditation, martial arts and healing since childhood. Having survived two near death experiences and “crossing over” both times, he has unique insight to the spiritual world of energy. Searching for a language that conveyed his direct transmission, he found Classical Chinese Medicine and the practice of Dao Yin or Qigong.

Dr. Cibik is also a senior student of Jeffrey Yuen, and was awarded the title of Zhong Yi, or Chinese Physician, due to his exceptional understanding of Classical Chinese medicine and alchemical practice.

He is a level IV Qigong teacher and Advanced Clinical Therapist in Medical Qigong from the NQA. Dr. Cibik has lectured before the National Institutes of Health on Qigong and exercise science several times and is a founding member of the Annual Taoist Gathering in the United States. Dr. Cibik teaches Inner Strength Qigong forged from Classical Chinese Medicine and Taoist roots at his clinic and retreat in Leechburg, PA., where he sees patients from around North America.

Dr. Cibik is the founder of Formless Taoism, a sect rooted in ancient shamanic energy practices dedicated to understanding the wisdom of Mind, Heart, and Body (while incorporating) 21st century science.