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March 2017 - Qigong Healing For Neurological Diseases Including MS And Parkinson’s

March 2017 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

Qigong offers great hope for those who have MS, Parkinson’s and other chronic diseases that often lead to increasing dysfunction and disability. Anna York’s Qi Talk will focus on the healing power of Qigong for chronic disease and will discuss practical approaches to addressing the needs of those with Parkinson’s and MS in a class setting.

Anna York

Anna has a remarkable personal story about her own recovery from severe disability caused by multiple sclerosis, a disease she has had for over 50 years. Anna’s first attack of MS occurred at age 19, with subsequent debilitating attacks over many years, until she was largely paralyzed on one side and could not even sit up straight for more than a few minutes. In 1994 her pastor came to help prepare her to die. Anna did not die! Her sons took her to Tai Chi-Qigong classes, and soon she was walking on mountain trails she thought she would never see again. Anna’s profound healing was centered on Qigong, Tai Chi, Chinese Medicine and oriental bodywork. She has taken no drugs for MS since 1998. Eventually, her Tai Chi Master certified her to teach Qigong, and she devoted herself to addressing the needs of seniors and of those who have chronic disease and disability. Anna’s healing experience has motivated her to develop Tai Chi-Qigong formats that not only restore lost function but also heal and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit from the inside out. Anna’s teaching has been featured in many hospital and rehabilitation centers in the Chicago area, including Northwestern University, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), and Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital, serving doctors, nurses and patients in classes and workshops. Her work includes community classes, private clients, grants from various organizations, including the National Parkinson Foundation, and an ABC-TV news segment on her work with those who have disabilities. Anna’s teaching reaches a national audience through the four DVDs she has produced, all of which demonstrate seated and standing versions of Tai Chi and Qigong movements. All have been extensively tested in classes, and thousands of the DVDs have been sold on Amazon. Her book, Rising UP! My Recovery from Multiple Sclerosis, Disability and Despair, details her amazing multi-dimensional healing. Anna believes Qigong can help everyone work their own miracles of health and healing.