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November 2017 - Training for Death (& Life’s Big Transitions)

November 2017 | Self Hosted

This month, Qi Talks is taking a little departure in its usual format and introducing a two-way conversation between Kimberly Ivy and Vicki Dello Joio about Death. More specifically, they will be talking about how Qigong training and practice can help us be fully present for Death, whether with our loved ones, those in our extended communities, or even for our own.

If you have followed either of these long-term qigong practitioners on social media, you know that recently both Vicki and Kim were present for their own mother’s dying process. Both recognized the profound influence their personal practices had on their capacity to be present for circumstances that were sometimes chaotic and unexpected, sometimes intimate and loving, and always shifting and changing.

We all know Qigong practice is effective for keeping us healthy and happy, but in what ways can it support us while we navigate the unforeseen, especially big life changes? How can our practice keep us grounded when we have no control over our current circumstances? What can happen when our practice expands beyond which forms we do but instead becomes about who we have become through our practice?

Kimberly Ivy & Vicki Dello Joio

KIMBERLY IVY is the Founder and chief instructor of Embrace The Moon Taijiquan and Qigong in Seattle, WA, has been training in the

martial and internal martial arts for 40 years. She holds several black belts rankings and multiple certifications, is a Hall of Fame recipient from the Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors and her school is one of the few sanctioned branch schools in the world of the original Taijiquan school, Chenjiagou

Taijiquan school in Chenjiagou, China. Kimberly also has a thriving practice working with people who have special health needs to regain function, mobility and energy from injury, illness and chronic health conditions. Kimberly travels often to China for training as well as hosting teachers in her school and enjoys blogging about her travels along the Way.

VICKI DELLO JOIO, author and founder of The Way of Joy: A Spiritual Fitness Program, was inducted into the Women’s Martial Artists Hall of Fame for her 40+ years experience teaching qigong and other qi practices. A professor in the graduate program for Holistic Health at John F Kennedy University from 2002 until 2012, Vicki teaches classes and workshops in Way of Joy Qigong in California and across the country as well as leading her online Way of Joy Women’s membership program, where she works with visionary women leaders and healers to sustain energy as they serve their communities. Creator and host of Qi Talks, Vicki is frequently referred to as a transformational speaker and life-changing workshop leader as well as a show-stopping theater performer, inspiring people from coast to coast with her embodied reminders that joy is your birthright—a fuel, not a goal—and your secret key to life satisfaction.