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May 2018 - Integrative Healthcare

May 2018 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

It has long been my view that many factors go into creating illness, and many treatments can be joined together in order to restore health. The scientific method is used to measure lots of things and has an important role to play in healthcare but we cannot allow it to restrain us when something safe and potentially effective can be applied to bring balance back to life. Integrative healthcare is the blending of various therapeutic agents for wellness and, as long as the outcome is helpful and safe, what does it matter which factor did the healing? The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, as the saying goes. My clinical experience and reading of the literature suggests to me that qi is the substrate or glue that energizes and holds the entire healing process together. In our time together, we can touch upon not only qi, but also psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), clinical hypnosis, and other treatments and modalities that can be safely and effectively blended into the healing mix we call Integrative Healthcare.

BERNARD SEIF, SMC, EdD, DNM is a Christian monk in the Roman Catholic and Salesian traditions and Clinical Psychologist, Board Certified in

Behavioral Medicine. He is also a Doctor of Natural Medicine specializing in Chinese Medicine with sub-specialties in Medical Qigong and Chinese medicinal herbs. Brother Bernard is certified as an Advanced Clinical Therapist and a Qigong Teacher by the National Qigong Association and is a Lifetime Professional member of that organization, past Ethics Chair, has served on the NQA Board of Directors, and is a member of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong. Brother Bernard is a Life Member of the American Psychological Association and the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, through which he is certified in clinical hypnosis and an Approved Consultant in that modality. He enjoys hiking and writing monastic mystery books, has studied in both the United States and Asia, and gives workshops and retreats in the USA and abroad.