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January 2018 - Medical Qigong and Childhood Leukemia: Exploring the Root Cause

January 2018 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

This month there was a tech glitch and the Qi Talks did not record.

We apologize for the problem and are looking into solutions.

Have you ever wondered what really causes healthy toddlers and adolescents to suddenly contract Childhood Leukemia?  Do you wish there was a way to alleviate some of their suffering, shorten their recovery time, and even treat leukemia through the application of Medical Qigong and by addressing the root cause?  Kate Kellman has been working to answer these questions and will be discussing her own journey into the world of Medical Qigong, including research she’s conducting for her thesis.  As part of a three-year Doctoral program in Medical Qigong, Kate chose to specialize in the treatment of Childhood Leukemia (both ALL and AML types) and is passionate about her work.  She hopes, one day, to help children and families who are enduring difficult and painful procedures by reducing the recovery time through Medical Qigong.  By sharing information on what she’s discovered, Kate is seeking to raise awareness about possible root causes and preventative measures to reduce risk factors and promote a healthy lifestyle.  Join her for this informational discussion on January 11th during Qi Talks.

Kate Kellman currently holds her Masters in Medical Qigong and is part of a three-year training certification class to obtain her Doctorate (DMQ), studying with Dr. Ted Cibik, PhD, ND, DMQ and Zhong Yi.  Dr. Cibik is also a Board Member in the NQA and is the Executive Director and Founder of Inner Strength in Leechburg, PA, where Kate has had the privilege of studying.  She currently has a Private Practice in Medical Qigong in the Capital District area of upstate New York and teaches classes in Dao Yin, as well.  She’s a member of the NQA and part of the Annual Conference Planning Committee.  Previously, Kate studied with Robert Peng, world-renowned Qigong Healer, in a two-week intensive at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.  Beginning in November, Kate will also be part of a two-year class on the Immortal Mind with Dr. Cibik.  She is passionate about helping others through Medical Qigong, especially children.  This work has helped her pursue her highest potential through constant self-cultivation, adopting a Taoist perspective, and allowing her to discover her own mind through others.  She is grateful for the opportunity to speak at Qi Talks and looks forward to connecting with fellow Qigong enthusiasts.