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April 2018 - The Internal & External Environmental Factors of our Qigong Training

April 2018 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

The external factor in our training comes from the Magnetic Field that surrounds our planet and protects us from the Solar Wind. The internal factor is the activity within our body that creates Bioelectricity. Bioelectricity is the result of two activities: a) the biochemical reaction brought about by eating and breathing, and b) the intake of the external electrical current through our main gates (Chakras) and other parts in our body that change Alternating Current (from the outside of our body) to Direct Current for our body to use internally. Bioelectricity exists in our body down to our cell level, and is the catalyst or fuel that results in the amount of energy and internal healing potential we generate. Whether we’re in a state of Yin or Yang physically depends on the quality and amount of bioelectricity. The forces (bioelectricity) bringing about the state of Yin/ Yang are known as Water (Kan) and Fire (Li) respectively.

THOMAS BOWMAN began his formal Qigong studies in August 1999 with Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming (YMAA) and was granted a branch school in February 2001. He received his Qigong certification from Dr. Yang in 2007. His Medical Qigong training continued with Master Hong Liu (MD-China), and he completed the Advanced Medical Qigong course of studies in June 2003. Tom’s mission is to bring Qigong to the level of acceptance in which we can operate alongside Western Medicine as partners by proving that Qigong is an integrated medical system. Tom is a professional member of the NQA, serves on the Board of Directors, and is a member of the Certification Committee. He is recognized as a Clinical Qigong Practitioner and a Level III Advanced Qigong Instructor, and is Founder and Director of Qigong of Tulsa where he teaches Qigong and provides Medical Qigong treatments in Tulsa, OK.