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June 2018 - Qigong Tools & Techniques as a Holistic Approach in an Integrative Psychiatric Practice

June 2018 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

As an Integrative Psychiatrist, I use both Western Medicine approaches as well as Tai Chi / Qigong movements (with adults, adolescents and Deaf/Deaf-Blind population), Qigong Emotional Release techniques (tapping on the 4 Golden Wheels as taught to me by Robert Peng), Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping on acupuncture points) and Mindfulness and/or Guided Meditation tools and techniques to assist people with physical issues or anxiety and depression to understand the power of who they truly are and their connectedness to All that Is. I review the holistic heath system and where/how Western Medicine affects focuses on the physical and cognitive-behavioral/mindfulness focuses on thoughts/emotions—- while Qigong, acupuncture, and other energetic approaches focus on the etheric /vitalising Body. I teach people how to unblock their meridians specifically linked to the emotions they are stuck in based on their own faulty beliefs about their self. I have used meditation, visualization, color and sound / vibrational Medicine - including Qigong - for my own physical health issues for personal transformation. This created a desire for me to help as many people as possible understand their own internal power to heal if they are willing to put in the effort to practice mindfully.

Tracy Latz, M.D., M.S. is a Cell Biologist, Integrative Psychiatrist, and Holistic Practitioner. She holds Doctorates in Medicine, Metaphysics & Holistic Healing; a Masters degree in Biology; certifications in Medical Qigong through 2 lineages (including the original 8 month course with Robert Peng) and Mind-Body Medicine. She is currently in her own part-time solo private practice (Lake Norman Integrative Psychiatry) in a suburb of Charlotte, NC with over 25 years of clinical experience in shifting lives - and for the last 3 years has also served as attending psychiatrist of the NC Deaf Services Unit (one of only 4 in the country). Tracy has a keen interest in esoteric teachings, trained extensively with Robert Peng and was among his first group of certified teachers of his Master Key teachings.

Tracy has co-authored (along with Marion Ross, Ph.D.) four Shift Your Life® books on personal transformation (the most recent of which includes the Qigong Emotional Release technique is titled "Bye-Bye Self-Sabotage! Drop Your Baggage, Love Your Life") and one book on "The Mystical World of Entura Art: Connecting With Spirit Via Intuitive Art". Tracy integrates Qigong and meditation regularly into her approaches for transforming anxiety and depression in her patients as well as for restoring a healing balance for both her patients and students.