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October 2018 - The Qigong Lifestyle

October 2018 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio it, breathing it, connecting within & in relationship with all life spontaneously with awareness, giving while also receiving, sharing in Chi while guarding the pureness of its expression. Whether one is new or seasoned in his/her practice of chi cultivation, we appreciate that Qigong is much more than our daily practice of relaxation, breathing & meditative exercise to eliminate stagnation, strengthen health & support graceful longevity. In its core is our joyful & persevering attention to sustaining Life in natural balance & harmony in our thoughts, behaviors, activities & all of the aspects of care---exercise, nutrition, work, play & beyond--of ourselves, loved ones & communities. This is the Qigong Lifestyle, embracing Life’s richness in each moment through centered mind-heart consciousness.

DEBRA LIN ALLEN is the founder and director of Chi Wellness, The Center of Qigong, in Denver, Colorado. Beyond medical qigong treatment and Qigong Lifestyle coaching, Debra offers an extensive schedule of qigong training in self-care and medical qigong practitioner and qigong instructor certification which includes distance learning opportunities through live webcam attendance. She is a fifth generation qigong healer whose qigong training and self-practice began at the age of 2 years in her birthplace of Hawaii, as soon as her parents recognized her energetic sensitivity and intuitive clarity. Her professional practice marries more than 50 years of qigong practice and self-exploration with extensive academic and work experience in patient advocacy, life and leadership coaching, theology, pre-medicine, neurobehaviorophysiology, sports kinesiology and nutrition to provide students, clients and patients a wealth of tools in becoming skilled in optimizing whole health and sustaining happiness. Debra holds the strong conviction that the key to healing and lasting health, strong vigor and inner balance is in honoring and expressing our true nature in mature form. She is highly regarded for her courageous spirit, keen perception and generous heart. When you partner with Debra in qigong health practice and self-discovery, life transforms into one of boundless creativity and fulfillment beyond your wildest imagination.