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November 2018 - Everyday Qi: Breath & Postural Alignment for ‘FEELING’ Better Now

November 2018 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

Everyday Qi: Breath & Postural Alignment for ‘FEELING’ Better Now

In everyday life, all throughout the day, whether sitting, standing or even laying down, we can be aware of our alignment and our breath. This self awareness leads to a deeper connection with our physical & emotional state. Join us as we talk about the core principles of self healing & personal wellness practices and how to simplify your day to day, moment to moment experience through posture, breath & flow. We will also be discussing our personal experiences with guiding special demographics clients of all ages with learning needs, chronic illness or severe physical limitations.

Susan Huff is a 500+ Certified Yoga Instructor with a PHD in Special Education and has trained with masters Daisy Lee & Francesco Garripoli in Qigong.

Gordon Wicks is a long time nationally certified personal trainer, martial arts coach & NQA Level 3 Qigong instructor who began his qigong training in the

late 90’s with masters Rupert Harvey, Daisy Lee & Francesco Garripoli. Together they have over 50 years of teaching experience and own/operate the Stonewall Abbey Wellness Center in Sperryville Virginia.