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December 2018 - Connect Your Life and Practice with Nature

November 2018 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

Connect Your Life and Practice with Nature

Do you “play” T’ai Chi and qigong? Do you play inside or outside, or both. What is the difference? This Qi Talks will encourage you to take yourself and your practice into nature in as many ways as you can. While we hear of the environment as being a source of qi, and of ancient masters observing the behavior of animals to develop forms, we hear little or nothing about why practice in nature is best and how to use it. Call in to share your thoughts and experiences in this way. Eric will share his experiences and comment on principles of practice, and benefits he has received.

Eric Chamberlain lives in Wolfeboro, NH near the heart of the White Mountains of NH. His career has spanned many years as a science teacher, outdoor guide, ACA canoe instructor, and T’ai Chi and Qigong teacher. Since childhood, Eric has found and enjoyed an intimate connection with nature, and especially now as he is challenged by a cancer.