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March 2019 - Using the Principles of Qigong to Facilitate Western Exercise Science & Yoga

March 2019 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

A look at the principle:

Things can only work one way. We may not realize what that way is or we may only realize part of it. Yoga works in China, Acupuncture works in India. But, they view the body differently. Qigong emphasizes moving Qi to make the body move. Kinesiology says we need nerve impulses & ATP. Each is correct based upon its view of the world. I have learned to apply the Eastern concepts to Western science by doing what the ancients did in discovering their systems: I go into myself to look at what the changes in my body & chemistry feel like. The more you can feel and understand what you are feeling, the less it matters what you call it.

GARY GIAMBOI has studied personal training, yoga, martial arts, and Pilates for over 40 years and has been teaching for 25 years. He has earned the titles of Kyoshi (Teaching Master) and Shibucho (Regional Director) in the Genbukan World Ninpo Federation and the rank of Nanadan (7th degree Black Belt) in Ninpo & Jujutsu, and Menkyo (license) level in Asayama Ichiden Ryu. He has a level 4 certification from both Chen Weigun, his Taijiquan instructor, and from the NQA. He is an initiated disciple of Yogi raj Swami Bua and Sifu Sam Chin. Gary is also an  E-RYT500 Yoga Alliance instructor. He holds a NASM personal training certification which specializes in developing fitness programs for all demographics: from couch potatoes to professional athletes. He is also a  KBC Kettlebell instructor and the author of The Spirit of Smiling and Riding the Tiger’s Tail.