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September 2019 - Aging with Grace: From Health Care to Self-Care

September 2019 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

Exercise is optional but movement is not. We are designed to move. It is how we move through life that can bring us the greatest joy, optimal health, & overall wellness. Simple elegance, refined movements like moving through water with effortless grace, & practicing present-moment living—Lisa will talk about how adopting the mind-body practices of Qigong & Taiji can help you from the physical level to the soul level, helping one age with grace & dignity. It is a privilege to grow old & one that is denied by many. Working with the adult & aging population for over 30 years, Lisa recognized that the individuals that stayed in motion & meditated were the ones that portrayed more grace & balance, & were pro-active daily with their self-care.

Lisa will talk about the importance of developing a “self-care portfolio.” While we are encouraged to take great care in developing a financial portfolio for our future, if we don’t have our health, all the money in the world won’t matter. These exquisite ancient tools can be our investment in ourselves for our present & future health & wellness. Lisa will talk about the levels of grace & personal self-care versus medical health-care, & what strikes her most about the about the people that she admires & why.

LISA KIRSHON has been a practitioner & teacher of qigong & tai chi for 30 years & a national gold medalist in Tai Chi & Sword forms. She is a full-time healing arts wellness educator, spokesperson for wellness, prevention, health, & healing through the self-care practices of Qigong & Tai Chi. Lisa knew firsthand what it felt like to be in debilitating back pain over forty years ago. Through the consistent practice of Qigong & Tai Chi, her pain was alleviated & this is what makes her such an outstanding teacher & spokesperson for self-care. She is a Certified Fitness Specialist to the senior industry, an Integrative Medical Provider to local hospitals, heart & wellness centers, & corporate wellness. A full-time instructor of the healing arts & an outspoken wellness advocate, Lisa likes to say that “A Daily Dose of Vitamin Chi™ is preventive medicine at its best.” A well-respected role model for young & old, Lisa believes that you can grow stronger & healthier at any age, & can break the vicious cycle of pain & learn how to age with grace & dignity well into your senior years.