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November 2019 - The Role of Gratitude in Qigong Practice

November 21, 2019 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

With so much talk about breath, intention, and posture in Qigong, we many times forget the role of the Heart in our practice. The ancients referred to this sometimes as Shen Qi as the Heart is inextricably linked to spirit, Shen. With Heart Qi resonance in our practice, gratitude emerges naturally. This wakes up a powerful window into everything from “loving oneself” to “merging with the world around us.” Here we explore our essence and Qigong’s role in personal transformation.

FRANCESCO GARRIPOLI is an internationally renowned Qigong and meditation instructor, author, brainwave researcher, Chairman Emeritus of the National Qigong Association, and current Chairman of the Qigong Institute. He is an Emmy Award-winning television producer featured in Qigong instructional DVDs and leads workshops and retreats around the world.