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April 2020 - QiGong & Forest Bathing; Welcoming the Healing Energy

April 2020 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

QiGong exercises have a long history of being practiced in nature in order to enhance the positive health impacts that occur from synchronizing our movement, breath and intention while basking in the great outdoors. By integrating qigong exercises with forest bathing techniques, a restorative and regenerative practice arises that is especially vital for individuals living in an urban environment. Moshe Sherman, MQT, hosts classes in Pittsburgh PA that utilize public parks to immerse individuals and groups in the healing environment of the forest while teaching qigong.

This interview will explore the physical, psychological and emotional impacts that spending time in nature and practicing qigong can illicit. Moshe Sherman will discuss how he came to this practice and why it continues to fuel his energetic being with greater peace, health and connection. Tune in for what is sure to be intriguing conversation about the energetic challenges of living in a modern urban environment and how spending conscious time in nature can help us achieve balance and renewal in an uncertain world.

Moshe Sherman

MOSHE SHERMAN is a Medical QiGong Therapist & Co-Owner of Cloud Gate Pittsburgh where he provides Medical QiGong healing sessions and teaches QiGong exercises. Spending time in nature is an integral part to his Medical QiGong training and practice. He regularly provides Forest Bathing and QiGong excursions in the magnificent Pittsburgh City Parks and forested environments throughout western PA. You can find him online at & on Facebook @CloudGatePgh.