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May 2020 - Paving The Way to a Holistic Approach to Healing: How Qigong is an Instrumental Component

May 2020 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

How can we improve cardiovascular risk modification, stress management, and resiliency in a metropolitan healthcare setting? Recognizing the impact of stress in the everyday lives of the patients, family and staff, it only made sense to me to implement strategies to prevent disease (dis-ease) by restoring ease - hence harmony.  I believe that learning how to put our bodies in a state of homeostasis and equanimity is vital for healing so this became my focus.

Through self-practice, mindfulness, and implementation of holistic therapies,  we can hear the voice of inner wisdom; purpose is lived, and opportunities continue to surface.  Education in a variety of settings has been instrumental in the development of programs that incorporate integrative therapies: community events, nursing conferences, support groups, staff education, one-on-one patient education, etc.  The ready learner consistently demonstrates an immediate observable positive response as manifested by physical demeanor, emotion, verbal feedback, and the energetic transformation that inevitably occurs.  A person’s vision can become reality: Energy follows thought.

Nancy Cromwell

NANCY CROWELL says, “With over 27 years’ experience as a registered nurse, I have identified the need for educational opportunities that lead to the discovery of our inner healing resources; this pursuit has proven to be a successful, reliable, and cost-effective asset to education programs. As a Certified Vascular Nurse and Certified Holistic Nurse, I have successfully spearheaded several education opportunities, including eight annual vascular nursing education conferences, community education, and a free monthly integrative healthcare education series, “Wellness Wednesdays.” Currently, I am partnering with a Cardiovascular Prevention Program by providing “Stress Management Education Utilizing Integrative Therapies” to patients, families, and staff. Community outreach is a vital component in improving the healthcare challenges we are faced with today. I have participated in over 32 speaking engagements at a variety of venues and events, sharing my expertise in peripheral artery disease and integrative therapies. I am honored to provide education that leads to inner peace by discovering and tapping into our inner healing resources.  We may not always be cured but we can always heal.”