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September 2020 - Connecting to the Universe with Small Universe Qigong Cultivation

September, 2020 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

Qigong Instructor and Healer Chunyi Lin’s goal for this QiTalks is to provide qigong practitioners with deep, comprehensive knowledge of the Small Universe Qigong Meditation practice. He will also explain why Spring Forest Qigong is so effective in healing physically and emotionally.

Chunyi will describe the differences between the Small Universe Qigong Meditation and Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, clarifying why Spring Forest Qigong practices the Small Universe. Finally, he will answer some of the most frequently asked questions for qigong practitioners regarding this advanced, ancient qigong practice. Listeners will leave with a solid understanding of the internal cultivation of qi.

Chunyi Lin

CHUNYI LIN For more than 25 years, internationally renowned qigong teacher and multiple-bestselling author Chunyi Lin has been healing, teaching, and speaking to individuals, businesses, and large audiences to help them unlock their healing power– physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Through his profound and powerful learning and coaching programs delivered around the world, Chunyi has reached hundreds of thousands of individuals with a life-changing positive influence. His knowledge and expertise in using qigong and other ancient wisdom to heal is both broad and deep, whether attested by his personal enlightenment and meditation retreats, his intense Qigong Healer and Instructor certification programs, or his long experience teaching qigong, energy healing, and the principles of healthy, qi-full living and eating.

Chunyi has dedicated his entire adult life to growth, change, and inspiration. His life mission is “A healer in every home and a world without pain and suffering.” He is deeply committed to qigong healing as an unparalleled tool for creating deep, long-lasting transformation in people. He has spoken to groups as large as 4,000 and in more than eleven countries around the world.