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January 2020 - Centering, the Most basic and Most Important practice in Qigong

January 2020 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

Exploring the Taoist version of the concept of "Centering” as I experience, understand and teach it. While we focus on all 3 Tan Tiens (fields of cultivation), the middle Tan Tien / Heart center holds most focus in this practice. We’ll discuss why, how practicing Centering over time creates an “elemental field” that makes it easier, and why creating this “Qigong State” is the most fundamental and therefore most important practice any of us can do.

If not really “centered”, are we just thinking our inner alchemy practice? The mind leads the chi if we are Centered, otherwise it thinks the process. Calming the mind is a necessary first step, but not the only aspect of Centering. There is a reason that Tai Chi means a “Centered” person between heaven and earth. Opening those poles requires that we truly occupy that middle space, the middle point in the figure 8 of our energy system.

Damaris Jarboux

DAMARIS JARBOUX Founder & Director of The Center Place (1986) and Co-Founder & Director of The Body-Energy Center (1989) in Boulder, Co. She has had a full-time private practice for 30+ years and taught Qigong (personal practice & clinical/healing qigong), locally and internationally to adults, parents of young children, and teens in High school settings, developing many programs for family care, self- practice (understanding & enhancement) and extensive clinical treatment protocols along the way.

An RN for 50+ years, with additional primary training in Qigong (as well as Western & Eastern Energy Medicine) for over 40 years including a 2-year Asian trip and 4 extensive trainings in China. She has also studied the mystical stream of Esoteric Christianity and Anthroposophy for 35 years.

One of the 8 Founders of The National Qigong Association (NQA) in 1996, she holds their highest certifications, a Senior Qigong Teacher and Senior Clinical Qigong Practitioner. She currently has a clinical practice with a community of healers at The Center Place, oversees a 4 year training program in Qigong Healing (Medical Qigong) & leads annual Holy Wisdom Retreats.