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December 2022 - How Can Qigong Nurture Resilience in a Stressful World?

Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

December 8th, 2022  

8:30– 9:30 PM Eastern

With the stressors of modern society and life, our mental well being is challenged at every turn. Anxiety, grief, depression, worry, anger, guilt, grief, shame, and fear are normal and necessary aspects of the human condition but when ungrounded can become destructive forces in our personal and professional lives. Let’s explore how we can regulate and cultivate these energetic cycles influencing every aspect of our lives. Let's discuss how basic Qigong practices and 5 Element Theory can be used as a gateway to profound self-awareness, personal cultivation and resilience development.

Chris Bouguyon has been training in Qigong since 1991, is founder of SimplyAware and creator of the nationally recognized Training Mindfully with Qigong Principles program. He is a Master of Medical Qigong through the International Medical Qigong College and Since 2009, has been developing and using Qigong tools as a primary modality in behavioral health hospitals, advanced care senior communities and specialized groups such as military and law enforcement. Chris is currently serving his third term as President of the National Qigong Association. While available to travel forclasses, workshops and seminars, he spends most of his time at the SimplyAware Wellness and Training Center, in Richardson Texas, teaching classes and serving clients in his Medical Qigong Therapy Clinic.

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