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April 2022 - QiGong and Nature

Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio
April 14, 2022
8:30 - 9:30 PM Eastern

In this Qi Talks, we will be speaking about the connection between Nature, Qigong, and our daily lives and how our connection to Earth impacts our wellness. Qi flows through all living things.

I grew up in East Cobb, northwest of Atlanta. Just a few decades ago, the two-lane roads were surrounded by family farms and dense trees. Most of my childhood was spent playing in creeks, ponds, and woods – early on I connected deeply with the Earth and appreciated the relationship and sustenance she provides us all.

I was one of those fortunate children who grew up knowing not just their grandparents, but also great grandparents. More than 15 of us would gather around a dinner table together and share the harvests of our family’s farm.

Throughout my childhood I was taught to have a deep appreciation and respect for nature. As the chapters and layers of my life developed, that thread from my childhood was braided into my future.

Shannon Gowland is a QiGong Instructor with over 150 hours in professional training and continues her Medical QiGong education. In addition, she is a Reiki Master and has a background in Organic Chemistry and Psychology.

A busy holistic consultant, who provides herbal and food therapy, meditation, cooking, and herbal classes, Shannon also  offers a year-round biodynamic / organic CSA program connecting regional farms to communities.

The light and lessons of her family’s farm and table instilled a deep curiosity about the chemistry that the Earth beautifully demonstrates. Often, our western diets and culture lose so many of the benefits available to us in Earth medicine, but my purpose and passion is to reconnect people with the power waiting for us that the Earth provides.