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April 2023 - Prenatal Qi and Regenerative Medicine In Taiji (Tai Chi)/Qigong

Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio


April 13,2023
8:30 - 9:30 PM  Eastern

The ancient masters told us that the human body is like a river. The totality of all the human cells in the body is 7 years or less. A skin cell only lasts 15 days, internal organs cells from as little as 1 day for the stomach lining to 6-12 weeks for other organ parts.

The mechanism for this regeneration is the adult stem cell. This is the Prenatal Qi, the Jing Qi.

Free radicals are agents of destruction in the human cell. These dangerous chemicals form oxidative stress in the cell. They are formed by exposure to air pollutants, harmful chemicals in food and human stress. They attach to the new forming cell and mutate or weaken that cell. Antioxidants are helpful chemicals that wash or clear away that oxidative stress.

 Qigong/Taiji (Tai Chi) practice increases the natural production of SOD (superoxide dismutase). 

Inward/downward reassure on the flat bones of the body in Qigong and Tai Chi practice increases the number of adult stem cells.

The mind leads the Qi, the blood follows the Qi. Learn how to wash and clean as well as circulate the Prenatal Qi

Richard Leirer

Richard Leirer has over 50 years of Tai Chi and Qigong cultivation. He is the founding vice president of the National Qigong Association (NQA). Richard was personally trained by Kun Tao Master Guy Savelli beginning in 1972. In 1983,Savelli was recruited by Col. Nick Rowe to train U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers in his techniques at Fort Bragg. The book, “The Men Who Stare atGoats,” was written about him and his special Qi emission techniques.

Accepted as a student with Master Huang Tzeng-yu in 1976, Richard was invited to teach after 10 years of training of Ba Duan Jin and Wu Style Tai Chi and is a third-generation lineage holder.

Later, Richard studied with Grand Master Hu Wei-Yue and learned the Yang Style Tai Chias well as Sun style Xing-yi and Bagua.

Richard continued his training with Master Hao Tien You and was his first student inthe USA. In 1988 he received special training and Qi induction. Richard was certified to teach Taoist Inner Tao Arts Cultivation methods.

Richard studied in China and was certified as an instructor of Wu Ji Qigong by the late Master Zhu Wei from Tien Tai Mountain.