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February 2023 - Many Paths, Same Mountain

Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio


February 9th, 2023  

8:30– 9:30 PM Eastern


Qigong’s inclusivity of all genders, ages and body types welcomes people in once they begin practicing. But why do they begin? What draws them to Qigong to begin with? In this month’s discussion, Jo Chern will talk about the many different paths, needs, and intentions that lead people to Qigong and how those different paths may change and merge over time. Jo will talk about her own journey, her path, how it changed, and how it reminds her of the different routes up a mountain like Kilimanjaro and how, while people begin at different places, they reach the same mountain top. Whatever the starting point, we all come together at the peak that is Qi.

Jo Chern

Jo Chern is the director of Five Element QiGong in Madison, Wisconsin. She began practicing Qigong 20 years ago and has been teaching for13 after leaving a 20-year career as a university writing teacher. Besides teaching Qigong, Jo is a Medical Exercise Specialist, helping older people,those who have chronic illnesses, and those recovering from injury to be able to continue to lead their fullest lives. She weaves her Qigong teaching and her medical exercise practice together, blending mindfulness into medicine and bringing her knowledge of anatomy and physiology into the meditative practice of Qigong. Above all, she tries to teach with gentleness and humor, at heart still an educator, as she began.