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June 2023 - Stillness in Motion and Motion in Stillness: The Mindful Meditations of Master Hu Yaozhen

Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

June 8th,2023
8:30 - 9:30 PM  Eastern


This talk will introduce the teachings ofMaster Hu Yaozhen (1887-1973), a medical qigong doctor and teacher. His qigongwas characterized by Stillness in Movement and Movement in Stillness. Hisprimary teachings centered on ‘Keeping the Mind On’ practices. These arequiescent practices that are equivalent to our modern mindfulness practices.Kevin will provide several definitions of mindfulness meditation anddescriptions of different kinds of mindfulness practices: mindfulness ofbreathing, physical movement, and qi/energy movement.

Master Hu’s mindfulness practices focus on the dantians. Kevin will compare themodern locations with the locations that Master Hu identified. Master Hu alsoapplied quiescent or deep relaxation practices which we will explore. Finally,we will explore Master Hu’s three mindfulness practices: Mindfulness of the MiddleDantian, the Mingmen, and the Lower Dantian. If time allows, we will practiceMaster Hu’s Mindfulness of the Middle Dantian technique.

Kevin Siddons

Kevin Siddons, Ed.D. is presently retired.During his career he was an epidemiologist with the Lehigh Valley HospitalHealth Studies Department (2.5 years), andSupervisor of Outcome Studies and Research at Kidspeace (5 years) inPennsylvania where he also briefly taught at Temple University’sDepartment of Health Education.

Kevin began practicing qigong in 2011 and teaching in 2015. He teaches the 15Taiji Movements Qigong of Master Jiao Guorui, the 5 Animal Frolics of MasterJiao, Hunyuan Qigong of Master Feng Zhiqiang, Yi Jin Jing, 18 Buddha Hands, andan adaptation of Master Chen Xiang’s 13 Postures Taiji form.

To make old Chinese books on Qigong and Taiji availablein English, Kevin collaborates with a translator. He is presently working onMaster Dai Yetao’s 5 Animal Frolics and preparing to begin teaching them. Kevinhas already written one book on Master Jiao’s 5 Animal Frolics Qigong and iswriting a second one on Master Jiao’s 15 Taiji Movement Qigong.

In recent years, Kevin has been studying with Dr. Henry McCann, anacupuncturist in New Jersey. Dr. McCann is a 12th generation lineage holdingdisciple of Chen Style Taijiquan, a 3rd generation lineage disciple of HunyuanChen Style Taijiquan and a disciple of a Qigong lineage transmitted by HuYaozhen that originated with the Daoist Immortal Chen Tuan.  Dr. McCannhas worked with Kevin to revive the qigong forms and teachings that he has hadtranslated. Now, with several texts translated, Kevin finds it very exciting torealize that there is so much more to learn and practice. Qigong and Taijiquanare arts that one can practice for a lifetime and always discover something newabout oneself and the outer world.

Since 2018, Kevin teaches at several locations in Bethlehem PA in person andvia Zoom.