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March 2023 - TreeGong: The Health Benefits of Breathing with the Trees

Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

March 9, 2023
8:30 – 9:30 PM Eastern

The principle of TreeGong is that trees feed and filter all vibrations. They are the guardians of the earth. Connect with your own nature by spending time in nature. The more we realize that we too are nature, the more we can return to its wisdom. We are an integral part of our ecosystem, and we have an innate biological connection. Whether it is a short walk, looking out the window at greenery or gazing upon indoor plants, nature heals. Yin/Yang is the universal energy that keeps us in balance. Breathing with trees strengthens our mind/body connection mentally, physically and spiritually. Through our practice, we can open a greater exchange of Qi for healing and wisdom. Trees can help our Qi flow by providing the right amount of negative to positive ions. Any time we practice with a tree, we heal on many levels. Different species have various healing properties. The time of year and season also change the tree’s energy flow. Good to know for mutual benefit. It is a reciprocal relationship we are looking for. WE are the universe.

Madeline Marchell

Madeline Marchell is an Integrative Medicine Practitioner. Her modalities include: QiGong, TreeGong, JinShinJyutsu, Healing Touch, Shamanism, Yoga, and Massage therapies. She has previously lectured for the NQA at two conferences: QiGong in the Rehab Setting and The Health Benefits of Breathing with the Trees. She is a Naturalist in Colorado where she shares TreeGong in parks and forests with the general public. Her passion and relationship with the trees has led her to a new course offering in the spring – TreeGong. In this QiTalks, Madeline will share how you can get started with a mutually beneficial relationship with your neighborhood trees.