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May 2023 - Peaceful Warriors: Qigong and Veterans

Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

May 11th,2023
8:30 - 9:30 PM  Eastern

Join us in May for Qi Talks for a Memorial Day Special Event“Peaceful Warriors, Qigong and Veterans”.   We will talk with Clayton Crosley, US Army veteran and a Community Care Network Provider for the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). We will delve into the Veterans Health Administration’s use of qigong as a viable Complementary Integrative Health treatment to assist veterans who suffer from PTSD, mobility, range of motion challenges, chronic pain, and many other complex health issues. 

Veterans are a unique class of people who, because of the nature of their training and duties that are required of them, often suffer the most. Twenty-two veterans a day take their own life. For many of these veterans, qigong has been a lifeline. The men and the women who serve in the military are taught that injury is weakness, and this often leads to not taking care of their own health. We will look at the challenges that many of them face as they begin to take the steps to improve their mental, emotional and physical health and how qigong plays an important role in this process. The opportunity to access qigong to help rebalance their life is a powerful tool.

In this episode we will explore not only the use of Qigong in the VHA, but also the opportunity that this development creates for other practitioners and qigong as a whole. The largest healthcare system in the world is now recognizing the benefit of qigong and the role it plays in the improvement of the quality of life. This program will also highlight some of the specific benefits that are occurring as a result of incorporating qigong.

Clayton Crosley

Clayton Crosley currently resides in Savannah GA. Clayton was introduced to Qigong through his martial arts practice over 35years ago. For the last 8 years Clayton has been volunteering at the Veteran's Health Administration and he has completed over 2,000hours of service to the veteran’s community offering classes weekly. During the Covid outbreak, he moved to an online platform to provide continued care and this model has been adopted by many other VA Medical Centers. Clayton is currently a VA Community Care Network provider working in concert with the Doctors at the VA providing Complementary Integrative Health Care. Clayton works with the staff at the VA and also educates them in the healing principles of Qigong. He advises other instructors that are also providing care. His passion to have the largest healthcare system in the world embrace Qigong and the therapeutic benefits have given him purpose,motivation, and drive. Clayton also serves in the capacity as a Senior Instructor for Long White Cloud Qigong (founded by John Munro) and performs clinical treatments at the Oakridge Wellness Center in Savannah GA. He is currently serving the NQA in the role as Vice President and as a member of the Events Committee.