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November 2023 - Becoming Qigong: Exploring the Subtle Art of Embodied Practice

Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

November 9th,2023

8:30 –9:30 PM Eastern

In the profound journey of Qigong, many overlook the foundational practices, mistaking them for mere beginners' teachings. Yet, it is in these foundational elements that the essence and spirit of Qigong are truly rooted. These elemental teachings are not just stepping stones but are the bedrock upon which advanced practices are built.


To truly understand and embody Qigong, one must revisit and deeply immerse in these foundations, no matter how advanced their practice becomes.


To "become" Qigong is to be in constant, evolving communion with its principles and energies, transcending mere routine practice. It is about internalizing every movement, every breath, and every meditation,making it an inherent part of one's being. 


This journey begins with a deep appreciation and understanding of foundational practices. So, let's rekindle our commitment and become a deeply dedicated practitioner, recognizing the unending depth and wisdom in what we might have once considered just the basics.

Diego Sanmiquel

BIO: Diego Sanmiquel, a dedicated scholar and practitioner of energetic systems since age nine, effortlessly intertwines ancient tools and modern science, enriching the contemporary world with time-honored wisdom. Embodying both spiritual and academic excellence, Diego, a Daoist Priest and a Doctor of Medical Qigong, also boasts a Presidents and Key Executives MBA. His unique gift lies in constructing a seamless bridge between energetic/spiritual systems and everyday life, earning him a reputation for absorbing profound knowledge and generously imparting it to others.

Join us on "Qi Talks" as Diego delves into "Becoming Qigong," exploring the subtle art of embodying practice even in moments of stillness.