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September 2023 - Seasonal Qigong: Alignment of body, mind & spirit with the rhythms of Nature

Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

September 14th, 2023

8:30 –9:30 PM Eastern

Thousands of years ago, from the depths of ancient Chinese cultural connection with nature, the Yang Sheng (Nourishing Life) practice, seeds of Qigong and Chinese Medicine began to evolve.

Yang Sheng includes Dao Yin (guided stretching exercises), meditation/breathing,dietetics, herbs, massage, sleep patterns, life guidance - all in alignment with the subtle 24 Qi Nodes, seasonal changes of Qi throughout the year. These ancient techniques are very timely in this modern era of Climate Change.

Come join us on the night of the New Moon as Fay McGrew reveals the basics of Yang Sheng and leads us in practice for the“Autumn Equinox”.

Fay McGrew

Fay McGrew, M.A., Q.T.P.,] Certified Qigong Master Teacher, is a practitioner of mind-body traditions since 1970, leading to her devotion of Qigong starting in 1990. She has introduced Qigong programs into a variety of major academic and medical institutions in San Diego as well as conducting grand rounds and giving presentations at medical conferences.

Fay was introduced to the Yang Sheng practice 13 years ago by the senior Daoist teachers at the Daoist Foundation, and is a member of its international Daoist Translation Committee of ancient texts. Her knowledge is enhanced by Master Liu He, 18th generation family female lineage holder of Ling Gui Qigong Tradition.