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April 2024 - The Alchemy of Transforming Pain with Qigong, Tai Chi and TCM

Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

April 11th, 2024

8:30 – 9:30 PM Eastern


Western treatments for pain range from taking medications,doing physical rehabilitation and therapy for learning to cope and "live with it." With pain, sometimes the obstacle is the way. Inherent in all pain treatments is a desire to eliminate pain completely but accepting and managing pain (learning to live with pain) can be a gradual way forward forgetting back to life and being in a new place in terms of personal growth and living. At this Qi Talk we discuss the inevitability of pain in life, what pain means in the brain and body, and how you can empower yourself using Qigong, Tai Chi, and acupuncture/acupressure to transform pain and yourself.

Dr. Gayl Hubatch, OMD and Josie Weaver

Dr. Gayl Hubatch, OMD, L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and author. She has led Qigong classes and practiced energy medicine for over 35 years, bringing a wealth of knowledge to her courses. Dr. Gayl has been a lead Trainer through Healer Within Foundation and IIQTC (Integral Institute for Qigong and Tai Chi) in several online global events. QiGong is at the heart of her practice, along with Acupuncture,Herbology, and Bodymind therapies in Austin, TX

As a certified Heart Math Trainer, Gayl also offers trainings in person and online.  She believes integrating eastern and western medicine is vital in today’s world. Gayl is a diplomat of Acupuncture through NCCAOM, and a published author. Fabric of the Soul: Eight Extraordinary Vessels is available on and

Josie Weaver is a meditative movement teacher of over23 years with multiple certifications in Tai Chi, Qigong, yoga, and bodywork. A full-time educator of mind-body practice, Josie has a degree in cognitive science and applies her knowledge and interest in neuroscience when teaching Qigong and Tai Chi for chronic pain at two functional restoration programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Josie also regularly leads the mind-body based Empowered ReliefTM pain skills class developed by Stanford pain scientist Dr.Beth Darnall. In addition, Josie also leads public community mind-body classes in Spanish and English in the San Francisco Bay Area. Josie is past president of the Healer Within Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to dissemination of mind-body education and training and currently serves as an advisor for Qigong Institute. With a passion to bring meditative movement practices into the lives of people seeking health and well being, Josie believes everyone's health journey is a unique and powerful gateway to transformation in all phases of life. For more information, visit