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Exploring Peter Deadman's New Book 'Qigong: Cultivating Body, Breath & Mind'

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This is a comprehensive new book on qigong. It discusses some of the underlying theories and philosophies of qigong, its roughly two and a half thousand year history and some of the most common forms of practice. The heart of the book is a detailed discussion of body, breath and mind cultivation drawing on traditional sources, modern research and the author’s many years of immersion in Chinese medicine. Since learning movements from a written work is a challenging task, the book is linked to 42 practical teaching videos.


“Drawing on his 50 years of training in Chinese medicine, Peter Deadman has crafted a rich, comprehensive, and timely book on qigong. Written and laid out beautifully, it comprehensively and insightfully weaves together its core principles, its roots in traditional Chinese medicine and culture, the scientific evidence of its many therapeutic benefits, and a practical set of training skills including links to multiple online training programs. This book is an invaluable resource both for those wish to begin to learn about qigong, as well as those who are already deeply committed to these practices.”
Peter Wayne, PhD., Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Author of Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi

“With this book and accompanying videos, people will learn authentic qigong and will develop the capacity to judge whether any instruction they receive elsewhere is solid, legitimate and grounded in East Asia’s rich and profound health culture. Peter Deadman has written THE qigong book, a work that is as encyclopedic as it is practical, as wise as it is humorous, and as rooted in science as it is steeped in ancient common sense.”
Kaz Wegmuller, Author, Acupuncture for Curious People

“Peter Deadman has written a thorough and approachable book in which he makes connections between qigong and modern research on exercise, health and physiology in a way that enhances and elevates our understanding. The
accompanying videos give the reader an opportunity to immediately experience and practice a variety of qigong exercises, thereby bridging the gap between theory and practice.”
Tom Bisio , Founder Internal Arts International

About the author

Peter Deadman has worked in the field of health promotion for over fifty years.

In 1971 he co-founded Infinity Foods, a natural and organic food shop and now a large workers’ cooperative supplying real food from its retail premises in Brighton and throughout the United Kingdom from its warehouse/distribution centre.

In 1978 he qualified as an acupuncturist and in 1993 as a Chinese herbal medicine practitioner. He has lectured on Chinese medicine and healthy lifestyle internationally for over forty years.

In 1979 he founded The Journal of Chinese Medicine which he published and edited until 2017.

In 1998, with fellow authors Mazin Al-Khafaji and Kevin Baker he published A Manual of Acupuncture. Available in print and digital form in English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and Polish, it is recognized as the
primary textbook for studying the acupuncture points.

He has practiced qigong for over thirty years and has taught it in the UK and internationally for fifteen years.

In 2016 he published Live Well Live Long: Teachings from the Chinese Nourishment of Life Tradition. This distillation of the nearly 2500-year yangsheng tradition also incorporates several decades of lifestyle research.